Family Life at Rivers United Church 

We strive to be in partnership with caregivers to equip them to be the spiritual leaders of their children. This approach is why we call our “children’s ministry” Family Life.


What will kids experience during a weekend service?

Our Family Life environments have safe spaces with qualified volunteers who have completed a background check caring for children from birth through 5th grade.

We have the following environments:

  • Babies and Toddlers: These are children from birth through age 2. At some point during the service, each child will have one of our adult caregivers hold them while they pray for your child. We don’t want to miss a single opportunity to plant a seed of God’s truths into the life of a child.
  • Preschool: These are children age 3 to pre-K. Each child is invited and encouraged to participate in at least one activity that connects to a Bible story being shared that day. 
  • Kids: Here we bring K-5th graders together to start the service with a large group experience that includes high energy singing, a talented storyteller sharing a Biblical story, and a movie that retells the story with a modern scenario. Then the kids wrap up their service with small group time while they explore the truth that was just revealed in the Bible story for the day. Each family also receives a conversation guide to equip the adult caregivers in that child’s life to explore the truth even further.
What will kids in 6th grade and above experience

We refer to kids in the 6th grade and older as students.  We believe students are in a time of life they are practicing to become adults.  So we ask students to participate in church the same exact way we ask adults.  We have designed our church experience and message with the understanding and expectation that students will be in the Big Room with adults.  We will soon offer small groups for students and we encourage students to serve on every team. If a message is going to include a focus on adult content, we will let caregivers know well in advance with a “PG-13” rating.