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Our goal is to equip primary caregivers to be the spiritual leaders of their children.

These videos are designed to be watched as a family. Full participation from the adults will help ensure the best experience for everyone!

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BA4K – Preschoolers AND


An important note to caregivers:

Does it seem like the PRESCHOOL videos are the same every week?
Is this a mistake?
Nope, we did it on purpose…for a purpose.
We want our preschool-aged children to be more than entertained during church—we want them to really learn about Jesus and the Bible.
Early childhood education research shows that preschoolers learn best through repetition, so each unit of the Bible App for Kids Curriculum (BA4K) features one episode—show the same video throughout one month. However, the “Prop Talk” (object lesson) and “Adventure Book” (activity page) change each week.
This kind of intentionally paced, engaging learning helps 2-to-5-year-olds absorb the Bible. And, with fun host Emily, colorful animations, and sing-along-able songs, they’ll still be entertained.
So, if you have a printer available at home download this week’s Adventure Book to do with your kiddos from our Family Life Facebook Group.


KONNECT – Preschool AND



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